WHERE WE ARE GOING??!! by Georgette Souaid

When I decided to write something about our problems in our country.
my pen was Confused  about any topic will address , to society ? or economics? or politics??

because really , now where we are going ??? we have a lot of problems , and the situation is really difficult !!

Of the problems that I notice the higher inflation and the risong costs of living, the politics people didn’t cares about any tangible solution, Through economy analyze that:

There is a high cost of life => which requires an increase in the minimum wage => higher wages all sectors => which leads to higher prices => and we have inflation on inflation => new increase in the cost of living, which the state raise wages again …. Really, but for how long????

How long it will remain in this reality that repeats itself?? We demand change!!We are tired of this situation!!But where is the CHANGE ???!!

Yes, real change to our country!!Situation does not carry the delay! Economy is shrinking , the situation is getting worse day after day!!

Our economy is in crisis can call it a crisis, “repetition” in the sense of repetition errors and repeated bouts of itself and therefore repeat treatment methods! The real change must propose new economic ideas and propose a real change in our economic policies and enjoy their freedom hurts us and we do not know!!

Where are we going???We decide what we want !! ?  where we will go !!We demand change to go together in the same direction!!

 Union power …. Union we change!

Georgette Souaid                                                         Economist.

                                                                            Georgettesouaid@gmail.com                                                                    Twitter:@georgettesouaid                                                          www.lebaneseconomy.wordpress.com                                    www.facebook.com/group/analyseconomique        


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  1. waw like !!

  2. yaacoub salloum

    like it goood job 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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