We can make a change by the human rights !

 We can make a change by the human rights.

By Georgette Souaid.

My article today, won’t be about economics, but it will reflect the hundred of questions in my mind regarding my point of view on the controversies of society in my country and around the world.

I will be writing about what I learned regarding the philosophy of human rights. If I base myself on logic and religion, theses two topics do not contradict the science of economics. Economy does promote human rights, sustainable development and the conservation of environment .

The declaration of human rights took place in 1789; it promotes the equality between all human beings. Is it what we’re seeing nowadays? A devoted freedom? Why don’t you apply it?

#Humanright #human #rights #Humanrightsfirst

#Humanright #human #rights #Humanrightsfirst

We’re always protesting and asking for our freedom. But do we know the real definition of the word freedom? Is it just Philosophical? and then what? Is it enough? Well no, because freedom alone won’t resolve anything without equality. But being equal is more important than being free. Being equal in rights and duties will give opportunities. To have an equal right to access information, for women and men to be equal, to have an equal life. By having theses we can obtain freedom. Freedom in life, and the freedom to enjoy of liberty.

It really saddens me, to think of how many people get tortured daily. Because they speak what’s on their mind, because they say what they want. All of this leads to “suppressing” our freedom. Our freedom shouldn’t be limited. But nowadays it is. So you must cancel the freedom of every person by law when using excessive liberty against humanity!        

Every human right brings out the humanity in every person. It hurts humanity must be punished Even in a religious way. Religion regulates our every day life and give us values that we should respect. I don’t think that religions are very different , they all have one aim which is to bring out the best in each one of us , religion is based on love.

To be logical, I personally do not think that God is against equality. He does not make any difference between us, he is against oppression, but not against life, joy and music . He wants peace and not violence . God is love on the basis of all religions. He loves each and every one of us. He loves each and every one of us. …. he loves to be happy in life and live in peace and joy …. comes with love .. We can devote love to devote humanity …. Love can change us!

YES!!  we all want to change some rules and ways of thinking to improve the situation in our country. Today, we , and by we I mean the youth of the world, are a big majority. We can all work together to make a difference. A small difference, at the level of individuals. You can be the difference or the change…..be the change!…This change will be based on love and communication between every individual, with no distinction of race, sex age and ideas. Show everyone that we can be who we want to be, thanks to

#Changeisnow #Bethechange

#Changeisnow #Bethechange

human freedom and equality. It’s humanity that brings us together, and love that brings humanity.!!!

Now, let’s take the example of my country-Lebanon. We are a country with freedom and democracy, but the most important part is that we are a country with a “message” because of the different religions and communities. But all of this doesn’t benefit us, because in reality all of this is not true .We do not think freely, and every individual does not have any freedom and there is a lot of discrimination (unbearable) . Our thoughts are modeled following what we’ve heard from our parents. Every family transmits their political view from generation to generation. As you know political views here in Lebanon are also based on religion. This isn’t freedom in my opinion and surely not equality.

We, Lebanese consider ourselves as a country of religion and faith. If that is true how can we explain that Lebanon is one of the most corrupted countries in the world? Books on faith and religion refute fraud and corruption. Isn’t that contradictory?

How can we actually consider ourselves as a country of faith when in reality we are living a lie ??!!!

If only we believed in humanity and/or human rights to be able to change our society. To be able to change our ideas on humans, and on racism, which is unbearable in our society. Every human is a person, no matter what his shape, color or religion are.                                                           

Up till today, we still make use of the word “abed” ( which is a pejorative word for black people ). That just shows how discriminating and evil our thoughts can be. I hope one day will come, in which we will truly be free!!!

Violence against women!!! …. Is that considered as human? God is love, …. he is against evil. Violence is evil. Where is faith going? But violence became an image we give of God and religion. Unfortunately!

Why do Arab women seldom live in oppression? Why is society against women in general? Woman are human beings with an independent mind. She is human after all. And there is no difference between a man and a woman in their minds. One isn’t superior to the other.

We are no longer living in the Stone Age. The era of domination ended a longtime ago. Every thought and every word are made for both woman and men.There is no freedom if we are not equal, equality leads to FREEDOM!  

I tell women, that I do not keep quiet. Staying quiet tortures me!! …., and indirectly tortures the community. Whatever you have to say, say it. Express yourself!!! 

make difference

#Youcanmakethedifference #itsaboutyou #difference #bethechange

My faith is not opposed to my freedom, and my freedom does not come against my faith. Intellectual freedom, I was able to find the real faith, the faith of mankind, faith, human rights and equality. My faith in love. To live humanity. Through which we can make a difference. A difference in our society, difference and change in our way of thinking. To be able to present the best part of us, and tomorrow will be based on the true human freedom.    

Changes will only start once we change our way of thinking, and our philosophy. We shouldn’t blindly follow traditions and old ideas. We should liberate ourselves of all intolerance. Fanaticism leads to the suppression of intellectual freedom!!!!            

YES! , changes happen through human rights : equality, love, reconciliations, help joy and most importantly peace.!!!

Georgette Souaid


Twitter; @GeorgetteSouaid

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