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We can make a change by the human rights !

 We can make a change by the human rights.

By Georgette Souaid.

My article today, won’t be about economics, but it will reflect the hundred of questions in my mind regarding my point of view on the controversies of society in my country and around the world.

I will be writing about what I learned regarding the philosophy of human rights. If I base myself on logic and religion, theses two topics do not contradict the science of economics. Economy does promote human rights, sustainable development and the conservation of environment .

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WHERE WE ARE GOING??!! by Georgette Souaid

When I decided to write something about our problems in our country.
my pen was Confused  about any topic will address , to society ? or economics? or politics??

because really , now where we are going ??? we have a lot of problems , and the situation is really difficult !!

Of the problems that I notice the higher inflation and the risong costs of living, the politics people didn’t cares about any tangible solution, Through economy analyze that:

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